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Flying in a blue dream


Cité des 408 logts
batiment 5 A 1
Boumerdès 35000
Tél.: +213 93 95 12 99

Last update: 
January 12th 2007

I am 37 years old and I am a Data processing Engineer (my cv :)

I live at Boumerdès, a small city close to Algiers capital of Algeria (at the pole-north of Africa).
I adore the instrumental music as the Heavy Metal (Metallica...) and Guitar-Heros (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai...). Myself I try to play guitar a little.
My favorites sports are soccer, swimming and basket-ball.

If you have ideas of programs, tell me about them, I will be able to tried to develop them with my Delphi1, Delphi5. I always have programs in construction, then please come back sometimes.

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