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All these software are distributed under the system of the SHAREWARE.
You can therefore distribute them freely, without modifying it.
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FreeRAM 1.78 Francais English
Optimize system memory and indicates ressources (RAM and CPU).
SVM (March & May 2002) Officiel du Net (March 2002) MicroHebdo

Size : 340.Ko
Update date : 07/18/06 (11:03)
Downloads :

Sleepy 1.61 Francais English
Shutdown/reboot tool for Windows. Easy-to-use and free !

Size : 267.Ko
Update date : 01/11/06 (21:29)
Downloads :

LTCDA_Pro 3.26 build3 Francais English
CyberCafe manager

Size : 4858.Ko
Update date : 05/05/07 (02:30)
Downloads :

LTCDA 2.6 Francais English
CyberCafe manager

Size : 495.Ko
Update date : 11/26/06 (11:27)
Downloads :

Galriator 1.5 Francais
Generate photo gallery for web site.

Size : 374.Ko
Update date : 09/08/05 (00:43)
Downloads :

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